The Project Toolkit App has been designed to cover all of your management needs.

So whether you run a small business looking to streamline project delivery and cut down on back office costs, an individual with little project management experience, or you are a busy player in a big firm with many projects and contractors to manage – you can all benefit from using the Project Toolkit App.

Here are some of the features that will put you in control.

Native iPad Experience

Intuitive and lightening fast user interface

A fully native iPad experience means you get the benefit of an intuitive and lightning fast user interface. With full offline capabilities, you can manage your projects wherever and whenever you wish.

Multiple Project Capability

Whether it’s a single project or 50, manage them all with equal ease, in-app

With Project Toolkit whether you are working on one project at a time or have 50 on the go, you can manage them with ease in-app. The Project Toolkit App has been designed to reduce the difficulties associated with managing multiple projects all running at the same time.

The app has a best practice ‘traffic light’ reporting system, making it easier to review progress and focus on those projects that require more attention.

Multiple User Syncing

Invite collaboration with team members

Invite team members and contractors for collaboration. Assign them tasks, share project documents, and keep everyone in the loop with in-app messaging to all of your project team members. Keep track of your assigned tasks and sync them back into your schedule to see how they are performing.

Sophisticated RAG Reporting System

Check the key performance metrics of each project with ease

Project Toolkit gives you a visual ‘Red, Amber, Green’ traffic light reporting system. Applied throughout the App, this allows you at a glance, to check the status of your project’s key performance metrics.

Calculations are based on your Budget, ‘snap shot’ versus forecast dates, float and cost, and time contingency. This simple to use graphic system will point at all project data, alerting you to keep an eye on the bigger picture.

Manage your Contacts

Keep in touch with in-app messaging

Keep in touch with all of your team members, and contractors and clients by managing them all within Project Toolkit. You can invite contacts to work on your projects and start discussions using in-app messaging.


Control invoices, track payments and enjoy the back office support provided in-app

Draft and issue invoices in Project Toolkit and schedule them in the Gantt chart against your agreed contract terms. Ensure images or documents are provided as invoice support, all in-app, to remove uncertainty when the invoices are due. All designed at reducing back office support and keeping the all important cash flow going.

Contract Tie-up

Customise the ‘Written Agreement’ template that comes with Project Toolkit App

Too many projects start without a written agreement in place. Project Toolkit has one waiting for you to customise to your project needs. Agree payment terms, deliverables, deadlines, how you will deal with variations and agree on a solid payment plan if you are the customer or the contractor. All in compliance with English Law this will help to professionalise your Project and protect you should you ever need it.

Interactive GANTT Charting

Use fully-featured interactive GANTT charting to visualise your project’s timeline

gantt charting project management

Visualise your project’s timeline with our thoughtfully designed, fully-featured GANTT charting. Specify groups and add tasks, milestones, durations and manage dependencies with only a few taps, while keeping an eye on your project’s bottom line to build up your projects critical path. Taking a “snap shot” in time allows simple to view variance analyses whilst the App shows you which tasks are affecting the project outcome or soon will be if they are not watched.

Drop Box integration

Integrate images and documents directly into a project using Dropbox

Upload documents, images, drawings, specifications or just good ideas direct into your project. Synchronise your dropbox account to make integration of your documents that much easier.


Try Project Toolkit App for FREE

The Project Toolkit App is FREE to download, enabling use of the Gantt chart. However, in order to to gain the most value out of the App you need to purchase a license. You can buy one license or purchase multiple licenses, see details below. The charge for licenses is made directly to your iTunes account where payment  is taken. You can allocate licenses to anyone in your team or business who has an iPad and revoke them if and when you need to.

Cost of Licenses

Package 1 = 1 license + 1gb
Price £9.99 per month

Package 2 = 10 licenses + 10gb
Price £74.99 (£7.49 per license per month)

Package 3 = 25 licenses + 25 gb
Price £149.99 (£6.00 per license per month)

Subscription automatically renews unless ‘auto-renew’ is turned OFF at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Accounts will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. The cost of the renewal will continue at the same license price dependent upon the package purchased.

Discover the full potential of the Project Toolkit App by purchasing a single license first or if you are pleased with how the App works after using the free trial, go for one of the multiple lisence package options. If you require something bespoke, contact us and we can discuss what we can do to suit your particular business requirements.

When licenses have been allocated to your team, you are then able to view all of your team projects to find out how they are performing. With a multiple license package option, you can overview projects at any time and have much tighter control.

You can issue a ‘view only’ version of the Project Toolkit App license to your client. This will allow them to see how their project is progressing and make comments that may be helpful.

Cost Management

Set the budget in-app, capture actual costs, modify and manage variations

With Project Toolkit on your iPad, you can set the budget up on day one and then modify it later on, as required. On the cost page, you can capture actual costs and apply latest estimates against tasks, and view how this is impacting your project at each Group level.

Use cost types to help you to understand how money is being allocated. This helps you to build a picture over time and can be a useful for lesson for managing future projects. You can manage variations to the contract value in-app with simple graphs to see when these variations have happened and what values.